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With so many companies rising up in the prepared meals, market space and with a growing time-poor audience in Australia, people are opting for the pre-prepared delivered meals to cut out everyday tasks like shopping, cooking and meal prep time, freeing them up with more time for family. Approximately 15hrs a week.

So, how do you choose which company to go with? 

If your focus is weight loss and you have health and fitness goals in mind, I highly recommend you compare the labels and not take the labels, TV commercials and catchy phrases at face value, like ‘Healthy and Fresh’.

I have not only tried a selection of the compared meals mentioned but I have used my Nutritionist/Dietitian background to assess what really is ‘Healthy’ and what weight loss programs will get you seeing those results.

Based on the current weight loss options at the time of this comparison, I have looked into:

  • 5.4
  • YouFoodz
  • Lite n’ Easy
  • Eat Fit Foods
  • Muscle Meals Direct
  • Foober

As you can see, the results were very interesting.

With high protein levels, low carbohydrates, low saturated fats and low sugar being a major factor, it was clear to see that snap frozen 5.4 meals came up on top.

With their low carb meals starting from only $7.95 they also came in above the rest on price.

Ingredients were also noted. 5.4 used chicken breast, not thigh, a premium lean mince and no white bread or rice unlike a lot of the others compared.

Not only were the meals a clear winner, but so were the weight loss programs. 5.4 are one of the only companies who are not selling ‘healthy snacks’, many of which are high in sugar and saturated fat and should be considered a dessert! It is not surprising that people find themselves gaining weight on some of these weight loss programs.

5.4 offers low carbohydrate meals so that healthy carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, oats and yoghurt can be eaten at breakfast and snacks. You will find these healthy carbohydrate options included in the 5.4 programs.

What you may not know is that 5.4 are one of very few companies who offer different sized meals. They recognise that a 80kg man trying to gain weight should not be eating the same quantity of food as a 80kg woman trying to lose weight. This can be why goals are not met, with say YouFoodz.

The latest articles around the nutrient losses in fresh meals and the growing concern of food wastage has people looking into frozen options for a longer shelf life. More often than not frozen meals are higher in vitamins and minerals than fresh meals because the nutrients are locked in after cooking. The nutrients in fresh meals have to endure lengthy transport and storage periods so may not make it to your plate. 5.4 and Muscle Meals Direct are the only companies that deliver 100% of their meals frozen, while Foober, YouFoodz, Lite n’ Easy and Eat Fit Food deliver fresh.

Megan Dickie

Megan Dickie – Nutritionist

(BEx&NutrSc, MDiet)

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